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Afraid of the dark? Turning the lights on just might be more dangerous...

You have arrived on the the Annulus, a space station here to reap all of your home world's power. You can channel this power freely through you, but strange and twisted machines are here to take it. Navigate the dark corridors and Fight against the darkness in this epic descent into the Annulus and control the vessel from within.  Reroute power to light the way and  solve puzzles. Pick up abilities along the way and become strong enough to traverse the deepest parts of the ship. Can you uncover the true purpose of the Annulus?

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On Sale!
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$4.99 $0.00 USD or more

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I play games pretty competitively; gotta say this one really presents an excellent challenge with solid complex fights and puzzles. The shifting environment really adds a ton of depth to the game. Just exploring an area once definitely doesn't show everything that's possible there. The nuances of the system should also be mentioned. The on-hit slow down and screen narrowing is brilliant; absolutely makes you feel the consequences of receiving damage. I want to know very much more about the lore and story; I won't spoil anything but it's one of my main drives when progging what's available currently. This developer is seriously on to something. Give it a shot; it's absolutely worth it.



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Super fun! The top-down shooter with a metroidvania feel to it is one of my favorite combos! I look foward to seeing this game fully made. :)

Deleted 48 days ago

I think comparing this game to Metroid Prime is the the best compliment anyone could have given me. Thank you. That game has been a huge inspiration for me.


Super fun demo! Looking forward to full game release. I love the variety of enemy types and weapon/fighting styles needed to eliminate them. Not another hack and slash!

Thank you! I'll be adding even more enemies and abilities in the coming updates so keep checking back.

I’m not able to move fuse

Hi! The fuse can be moved between the health and energy bars using the mouse scroll up/down or the up/down D-pad buttons on a controller.